Thoughts about the Official News Release from the Boulder Police on the Ramsey Investigation


On September 1, 2016, Boulder Police released a statement regarding the JonBenét Ramsey Homicide investigation.

I think the video-taped release by Boulder Police Chief Greg Testa was thorough.  It was also a good way to get the same message out to the public and the media.

It addressed one of the big problems with the original investigation. Chief Testa said only he would be talking about the Ramsey case and not his officers. During the first Ramsey investigation, Boulder police officers talked privately to reporters and released inaccurate information which was not double-checked by the certain media reporters and resulted in public misinformation and incorrect headlines. That’s one of the elements I worked to correct in We Have Your Daughter. I wanted to understand and make sure you knew what was fact and what wasn’t. And allow you to make up your own mind based on accurate information.  

Key differences have developed over time.

There are differences in this statement and the atmosphere that existed then.  Chief Testa made a point of emphasizing his cooperation with the Boulder District Attorney’s Office. I believe there is very good cooperation between the two departments today and the investigation that is ongoing has been kept quiet and without leaks. That didn’t happen with the BDA and BPD after JonBenét was murdered. The two departments actively disliked each other and it hurt the investigation. There was infighting, slamming of fists on tables, accusations that computers were compromised by members of the other department and criticism spoken about publicly and privately.

There was a small glitch in the first written news statement this morning by BPD releasing its video tape of Chief Testa.  That written release said JonBenét died of strangulation. That’s not accurate. According to the forensic coroner who conducted her autopsy, the cause of death was either strangulation or a blow to the head.  Boulder Police have since changed that written statement and now no cause of death is listed.

Most interesting I thought: That Boulder Police have reopened the case in the last year and have talked with many people on all sides of the investigation. That information has not been reported until Chief Testa verified it this morning.