First thoughts on the book

9-16-2016 Friday

Hello and welcome and Happy Friday!

After receiving the book, here are my first thoughts.-Please factor in my bias as the author. I like the size of the book and the appearance. I like the front and back covers and choice of photographs we made. Even the wine color of the book which matches the title seems to bring it together.

My favorite part of all this currently is still looking at JonBenét’s face on the Home Page of the Website. I can look at her and factor out her death and see sweetness, joy, innocence and I wonder who she would be today if she had lived. Looking at that photograph makes me happy momentarily.

What I look for in the book (and I will supply more information on a regular basis) is the family relationship and dynamic. There is stunning exclusive news that Boulder Social Services did not think Burke was a “witness to her murder” after they had a lengthy and mandatory interview with him conducted by a child psychologist. I wonder why there continued to be stories for months afterwards and even today, Burke is considered a suspect. With that kind of news from child protection professionals, that information should be publicized and now, by gosh, it is in this book, We have your daughter. Boulder Social Services experts and the Child Protection Team who by law in Colorado must investigate and interview other children in a family when there is a death, said: Burke was not a witness to JonBenét’s murder. That’s pretty conclusive.

Because of the JonBenét Ramsey Murder Archive Index as part of my research, I have read portions of thousands of police reports. They are quoted and utilized throughout the book and police report numbers are used for credibility and support.

Portions of the reports from the Boulder police officers on the scene that Thursday morning when her body had not been found and the case was still considered a kidnapping, are included in the Document Section of the book, as well as chapters focusing on those reports examine statements written. When I first read them, I was surprised when some of those reports didn’t seem to be logical. I wonder what you think and why.

I’ll write more tomorrow. Have a wonderful and safe day wherever you are and my wish is for joy in a moment. Thank you for reading and for your support of this process of discovery and allowing you to make your own decisions based on the best information I could get.