Ransom Note


According to testimony by Patsy Ramsey, she discovered her daughter was missing after finding a two-and-a-half-page ransom letter demanding $118,000 for JonBenet’s safe return.




Autopsy report

The autopsy on JonBenét Ramsey was performed on Friday, December 27, 1996. It was released in its entirety on August 14, 1997.


Boulder police report

Boulder police report from Sergeant-Commander Bob Whitson on the events of the Thursday morning JonBenét was believed to be kidnapped. It was dated Friday, December 27, 1996.He was one of the supervisors on the scene.


letter from dr. donald w. foster to patsy ramsey

This is the entire letter sent unsolicited to Patsy Ramsey in June of 1997.  It was from Dr. Donald W. Foster from Vassar College, a self-proclaimed language expert. A portion of this letter is already in the book. Dr. Foster told Patsy Ramsey that he believed she was completely innocent of killing her daughter. In January of 1998, Foster was hired by Boulder police. This time, he did a complete flip-flop and told them he thought Patsy wrote the letter. When his turn-around was discovered he was excused from the case and eliminated from any “possible experts” on the Ramsey case list.


Legal opinion from Federal Judge Julie Carnes

Federal Judge Julie Carnes from Atlanta dismissed a libel/slander case against the Ramseys before trial. She did so after reviewing testimony. Then she wrote a 93-page analysis of the testimony she had reviewed as to why she had dismissed the case before trial. It is an unusual look at the thinking of a highly-regarded legal expert after she reviewed depositions of so many people involved in the case. Her conclusions included that the Ramseys were likely not involved in the death of their daughter.  


Lacy Letter To Ramsey

Letter from Boulder District Attorney Mary Lacy in June, 2008, to JonBenét's parents saying they are no longer suspects and that evidence has exonerated them. Lacy cites 2008 touch DNA results taken from JonBenét’s clothing that does not match any family members. It matches DNA taken from JonBenét in 1996. To date, investigators have not been able to match the DNA to anyone.


Boulder D.A. Letter To The Public

In October of 2013, Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett wrote an open letter explaining his positions on the many aspects of the Ramsey case. The letter was published in the Daily Camera newspaper. Garnett provided the Author with this copy.


Floor Plans

Ramsey Basement

Floor plan of the basement level of the Ramsey home in Boulder, CO.


Ramsey First Floor

Floor plan showing the first level of the Ramsey home in Boulder, CO.


Ramsey Second Floor

Floor plan detailing the second floor of the Ramsey home in Boulder, CO.


Ramsey Third Floor

Floor plan of the third floor of the Ramsey home in Boulder, CO.