Forget everything you think you know about the unsolved murder of JonBenét Ramsey

If one could suspend time for a moment and JonBenét Ramsey hadn’t been murdered, then most times when I look at this photograph, I’m smiling back at the joy and the delight in her eyes. This happiness and innocence is what we hope for our own children.  

Yet she is gone -- tortured and murdered on Christmas or the day after in 1996 in Boulder, Colorado. Her case is still unsolved twenty years later.

The title of this book…We Have Your Daughter…includes the words of the killer in the ransom note left at her home.

This book lets you consider information from the Author’s investigation of parts of thousands of Boulder police records. It lets you experience that morning through the thoughts of the police officers who were there, in their own words, by posting the portions of their reports in the book about that terrible morning she disappeared. – None of these police reports have ever been published before. 

Why now? Where is the justice for a child who would be a 26-year-old woman today?

This is the first time the Ramsey family and their attorneys cooperated with an outside author. And police investigators, district attorney lawyers, others in that department and those on the periphery all talk with the Author about happened, what was right and wrong and what they still believe. It’s the first book where all sides participate.

The media was manipulated by law enforcement, deceived by calculated and incorrect leaks. The resulting headlines are quoted in this book.   

The Ramsey family and their murdered child are shown with the new insight of report cards and interviews with teachers and JonBenét’s friends.