Twenty years later - newly revealed evidence

Burke and JonBenét Ramsey, Christmas morning, 1996

In a never-before published interview with the Author, JonBenét’s brother Burke Ramsey reveals his insights about his parents and sister. There is a stunning and confidential conclusion from Boulder Social Services, that Burke Ramsey, mentioned as a suspect for so many years, “was not a witness to JonBenét's death”.  John Ramsey reveals thoughts from his private journal, written after his daughter was killed, and there is more on the potential of a stun gun as a weapon. The six handwriting experts from both sides are all in the same statistical area writing Patsy Ramsey most likely did not write the ransom note.

There is equally stunning information in the book about what was in JonBenét's stomach. The autopsy said "fragments like pineapple". When the contents were examined and the results came back more than a year later from the University of Colorado experts, the contents of JonBenét's stomach included a fruit cocktail -- pineapple, cherries, grapes and grape skins. According to one coroner familiar with the case "what you can say is that one hour before JonBenét was murdered she ate part of a fruit cocktail. There is no proof who fed it to her or what happened to the remains of it."

The information in this book allows you to decide for yourself what you believe.