Her birth certificate recorded the start of her life...

But we still don’t know if the end of JonBenét’s life was December 25 or December 26, 1996. A nice little girl, forever frozen as a six-year-old, is a celebrity in death. She is known to the world for her beauty, child pageant images and her brutal murder. Twenty years later, no one has been convicted of her death. And, all these years later, some police in Boulder still believe her mother, father or brother killed her.

Why now? Where is the justice for a child who would be a 26-year-old woman today?

Investigative Journalist Paula Woodward began reporting on the murder case the day after John Ramsey found his daughter dead, in the basement of their own home.

A ransom note to John Ramsey said his daughter was gone, kidnapped. But she'd been murdered. Investigators leaked to reporters that someone in her family did it. In the race to be first with the story, most journalists didn't double-source their facts to verify the information. That information shaped public opinion.

In her book, We Have Your Daughter, Woodward analyzes the evidence, the media scramble, and interviews the power players. The title of the book comes from the ransom note. For the first time, readers will get all sides of the story. 

Forget everything you think you know about the unsolved murder of JonBenét Ramsey. This book gives you a chance to examine facts from still unpublished documents.

Decide for yourself. Who did it? And who misused their power?


Author Paula Woodward