Book Review: “We Have Your Daughter” – A Revealing Look at the JonBenet Ramsey Case

Welcome to this insightful book review! In this blog post, we will explore the thought-provoking revelations presented in “We Have Your Daughter” by investigative journalist Paula Woodward. This gripping account takes readers on a journey through the infamous JonBenet Ramsey case, shedding new light on the investigation, challenging preconceived theories, and providing an unprecedented insider perspective. Let’s delve into the details of this compelling book and the exclusive information it uncovers.

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Unraveling the Intricacies

Woodward, a top reporter in Denver, had unique access to the Ramsey family and their attorneys, granting her valuable insights into the case. One of the primary points of discussion in various television specials surrounding the case was the bowl of pineapple found on the kitchen table, with both Burke and Patsy Ramsey’s fingerprints on it.

Speculation arose, linking the pineapple to JonBenet’s death due to the mention of “fragments like pineapple” in her autopsy report. However, Woodward reveals that the material in JonBenet’s stomach was not solely pineapple but rather a combination of pineapple, grapes, grape skins, and cherries—resembling a fruit cocktail. This information challenges the pineapple theory and invites readers to reevaluate their understanding of the case.

Woodward interviewed Burke Ramsey, JonBenet’s brother, providing a unique perspective. The book includes Burke’s discussion of his family and the chaos surrounding the case. Moreover, Woodward shares a Boulder Social Services Evaluation of Burke that specifically states he was not a witness to JonBenet’s death. These revelations raise doubts about the claims implicating Burke and further support Woodward’s thorough research and discoveries.

Personal Accounts and Exclusive Findings

“We Have Your Daughter” includes intimate conversations with Patsy Ramsey, who shared private information with Woodward before her death in 2006. These conversations offer a glimpse into Patsy’s thoughts and emotions, providing readers with a deeper understanding of the family’s struggles.

Woodward also gained access to John Ramsey’s personal journal, which offers a firsthand account of his anguish and grief following JonBenet’s murder. The inclusion of JonBenet’s drawings, letters from her teachers, and photographs portray her as a normal, happy six-year-old, tragically taken away from her family.

The book sheds light on issues surrounding the investigation, particularly regarding handwriting analysis. Woodward highlights problems with how the Boulder Police handled this aspect and reveals discrepancies in the police reports, underscoring the complexity of the case.

A System of Misinformation

Woodward exposes what she calls a “deliberate campaign of disinformation” orchestrated by law enforcement, as well as the impact of inaccurate media coverage. She unveils instances of false information and anonymous leaks that have clouded public perception of the case, presenting a compelling argument for the effect of misinformation on the investigation.

In a significant revelation, Woodward uncovers that Boulder police deliberately withheld DNA test results that excluded the Ramsey family from both the Boulder district attorney and the public. The evidence presented as DNA excluded the Ramseys, adding a crucial layer to the ongoing discussion surrounding the case.

A Riveting and Heartbreaking Journey

“We Have Your Daughter” is the culmination of twenty years of investigative journalism by Paula Woodward. Through meticulous research and exclusive access to key individuals involved in the case, Woodward offers readers a comprehensive, insider perspective on the JonBenet Ramsey murder. The book allows readers to contemplate the guilt or innocence of the Ramseys and evaluate the possibility of an unknown intruder.

Woodward’s writing style is engaging, drawing readers into the complexity of the case while humanizing the individuals affected by the tragedy. Her inclusion of personal accounts, photographs, and documents provides a multidimensional view that helps readers connect with the story on a deeper level.

The book, We have your daughter:

  • Debuted as Number 1 on Amazon’s Murder and Mayhem
  • Debuted on Kindle in the Top 25 on Murder
  • Ranked in the Top 50 on Barnes and Noble
  • Was one of “Seven Books on Unsolved Crime that Still Haunt Us” on the leading digital crime website
  • Rolling Stone and Us Magazines listed “bombshells” from We have your daughter which included Boulder law enforcement leaking more than ten incorrect stories to the media in the first three weeks after the murder. The stories were published or broadcast without second checking by some media reporters.

Woodward has reviewed thousands of portions of actual Boulder police reports about the Ramsey case. She is the first author/journalist to obtain and utilize police reports.

Forget everything you think you know about the unsolved murder of JonBenét Ramsey

If one could suspend time for a moment and JonBenét Ramsey hadn’t been murdered, then most times when I look at this photograph, I’m smiling back at the joy and the delight in her eyes. This happiness and innocence is what we hope for our own children.  

Yet she is gone — tortured and murdered on Christmas or the day after in 1996 in Boulder, Colorado. Her case is still unsolved twenty years later.

The title of this book…We Have Your Daughter…includes the words of the killer in the ransom note left at her home.

This book lets you consider information from the Author’s investigation of parts of thousands of Boulder police records. It lets you experience that morning through the thoughts of the police officers who were there, in their own words, by posting the portions of their reports in the book about that terrible morning she disappeared. – None of these police reports have ever been published before. 

Why now? Where is the justice for a child who would be a 26-year-old woman today?

This is the first time the Ramsey family and their attorneys cooperated with an outside author. And police investigators, district attorney lawyers, others in that department, and those on the periphery all talk with the Author about what happened, what was right and wrong, and what they still believe. It’s the first book where all sides participate.

The media was manipulated by law enforcement, and deceived by calculated and incorrect leaks. The resulting headlines are quoted in this book.   

The Ramsey family and their murdered child are shown with the new insight of report cards and interviews with teachers and JonBenét’s friends.


In conclusion, “We Have Your Daughter” is a gripping and thought-provoking exploration of the JonBenet Ramsey case. Paula Woodward’s extensive research and access to exclusive information provide readers with an unparalleled perspective on this infamous crime. Through meticulous investigation and firsthand accounts, Woodward challenges preconceived notions and invites readers to reevaluate their understanding of the case. Whether it was the Ramseys or an unknown intruder, this book allows readers to form their own conclusions while honoring the memory of JonBenet Ramsey and the lasting impact of her tragic story.